Thun'da was created by legendary comic book artist Frank Frazetta, for Magazine Enterprises. He debuted in 1952 in his own title.

At the same time Thun'da also starred in 'King of the Congo' a 15-part cliffhanger released by Columbia Pictures with Buster Crabbe playing Thun'da. This was the last serial to star Buster Crabbe

Thun'da's real name is Roger Drum. He is a World War II United States Air Force officer shot down in the middle of an Africa jungle. When he climbs out the wreckage he is taken prisoner by primitive ape-men. After making his escape he travels through the jungle, keeping himself supremely fit. He is then seen by Pha, the jungle queen of the local people.

After destroying the ape-men and 'the mother of all serpents' he is treated like a god. Later a massive earthquake destroys the area and Pha's subjects. Only Thun'da, Pha and their pet sabre toothed tiger survive.

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Thun'da King Of The Congo - 1 Issue