Terry and the Pirates was a daily strip that debuted on October 22, 1934. It was created by cartoonist Milton Caniff, who was hired by the editor of the Chicago Tribune New York News Syndicate, Captain Joseph Patterson. Patterson, was an admirer of Caniff's work on the adventure strip Dickie Dare and provided Caniff with the title and location for the strip he wanted created.

The main character is Terry Lee an American boy who, along with his sidekick journalist Pat Ryan, travels to China in search of a lost gold mine. As the series continued more characters were added including Cue Ball, Cheery Blaze, Big Stoop, Chopstick Joe, Dude Hennick and Captain Judas.

Dragon Lady, was another character who appeared firstly as an enemy of Terry's but later during the war the two became allies.

Although Terry and the Pirates was a big success Milton Caniff left the strip in 1946. The main reason being that the strip was owned by the syndicate and Caniff wanted creative control of his work. George Wunder, an artist with Associated Press, took over Terry and the Pirates and it ran for another 27 years until February 25, 1973. Meanwhile, Caniff launched Steve Canyon, an action-adventure strip which ran until 1988, shortly before his death.

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Terry And The Pirates Issue #21

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