One of the odder comics book heroes, was John Hawks, known as Sky Pilot with the tag line 'Fighting Missionary Of The Far North'.

Sky Pilot made his first appearance in Sky Pilot issue #10, published by Ziff-Davis in 1950. There was one more issue the following year and then the series was shelved.

On the covers were paintings by Norman Saunders, a noted cover artist not just on comics, but also paperbacks and magazines. Much of the story art work was done by Frank Borth and Ogden Whitney also made his contributions.

The stories featuring Sky Pilot involved a fair amount of fighting as the introduction indicates.

'The rugged stretches of the great Northwest were a spawning ground where the worst in men too often came out... and through this wild, dangerous territory roamed John Hawks, Sky Pilot, a man who quoted from the scriptures ... and backed his words with muscles of steel, to guarantee that evil doers heeded them...'

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Sky Pilot - 1 Issue