Sherlock Holmes was created by the Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes, made his first appearance in the story, A Study in Scarlet, published in Beeton's Christmas Annual in 1887. Then in 1891, Sherlock Holmes stories started appearing in Strand Magazine and the character became extremely popular. Over the years, Conan Doyle wrote four novels and 56 short stories, featuring his famous detective.

Apart from four of his cases, the Sherlock Holmes stories are narrated by his friend and biographer, Dr. Watson. Although often quoted, Sherlock Holmes never once said in any Conan Doyle's stories 'Elementary, my dear Watson'.

In the story 'The Final Problem' published in 1893, Conan Doyle introduced Sherlock Holmes' arch-enemy Professor Moriarty and then killed them both off by falling over the Reichenbach Falls. The reason being Conan Doyle wanted more time to work on his historical novels. But after the space of eight years, a new Holmes story was published titled 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' and for the next 25 years Conan Doyle continued writing Holmes stories.

Over time there have been many Sherlock Holmes adaptations in books, films and radio. It has been claimed that Sherlock Holmes is the 'most portrayed movie character' with 75 actors playing the part in over 211 films.

Holmes has appeared in many comic books, including the 'All New Baffling Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' first published by Charlton Comics in October 1955, a second issue was dated March 1956 and then the title was dropped. One possible reason for this is that the comic was unauthorized and the Conan Doyle Estate may well have threatened legal action.

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