Sheena, Queen of the Jungle made her appearance in a British magazine titled Wags in 1937. She was the creation of Will Eisner and S.M. 'Jerry' Iger and their company Eisner & Iger. To hide the fact that their studio comprised of just the two of them, the strip was signed under the pseudonym of 'W. Morgan Thomas'.

It has been quoted that Eisner said one of the inspirations for Sheena was H. Rider Haggard's jungle-goddess novel 'She'.

In September 1938 Sheena made her appearance in the United States, in issue #1 of Fiction House's Jumbo Comics. In Spring 1942 the comic book Sheena, Queen of the Jungle appeared making her the first female character with her own title. This lasted a total of 18 issues finishing in Winter 1952.

Since that time Sheena has made fleeting appearances in comic books and other media, including a 26-episode TV series, first aired in 1955-56 with Irish McCalla playing the title role. In 1984 Columbia Pictures released Sheena, starring Tanya Roberts and in 2000 Sheena was played by Gena Lee Nolin in a 35 episode TV series.

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Sheena Queen Of The Jungle - 11 Issues