There have been many versions of the legendary Robin Hood, both in film and books. One such example was the creation of Sven Elven, first appearing in issue #23 of New Adventure Comics published in 1938. He reappeared in his own title Robin Hood Tales published by Quality Comics in February 1956. After six issues the series was bought by National Comics, later to become DC Comics and they continued the run with Robin Hood Tales issue #7 in February 1957.

This DC Comics interpretation of the legend of Robin Hood has Robert Fitzooth, the 12th century Earl of Huntingdon as the central character. After returning from the Crusades, Fitzooth discovers his family castle in ruins. He also finds out that Prince John has seized the throne from the rightful king, his own brother, Richard the Lionheart. It was Prince John who had destroyed the castle and he has also confiscated Fitzooth's lands.

Fitzooth was given King Richard's royal ring, as a symbol of authority, but loses it to Prince John. So founds a resistance movement, based in Sherwood Forest, to fight the prince and to reclaim the ring.

He adopts the name Robin Hood after witnessing a robin bravely fighting a falcon and after the green hood given to him as a present by Maid Marian.

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Robin Hood Tales - 6 Issues