Robin Hood And His Merry Men was first published by Charlton Comics in April 1956. The issue number was rather confusingly #28. The reason for this is that it took its sequencing from the title it had morphed from 'Danger and Adventure'. This in its turn was a retitle of the original start of the sequence 'This Magazine is Haunted'. So the run was: This Magazine is Haunted issues #1-#21, Danger and Adventure issues #22-#27 and Robin Hood And His Merry Men issues #28-38.

As he is in the public domain, Robin Hood has been used in many mediums over the years, including comic books. The first series of comic book stories featuring Robin Hood were written and drawn by Sven Elven, for DC Comics, New Adventure Comics.

During the 1950's there was renewed interest in the character which meant a few publishers launched Robin Hood series. These include 'Rodger of Sherwood' appearing in American Comics Group's Young Heroes, Quality Comics published 'Tales of Robin Hood', and Magazine Enterprises launched their own Robin title.

It was at this time that Charlton Comics retitled Danger and Adventure to Robin Hood and His Merry Men, which ran until August 1958. During its run it featured work by such artists as Rocco Mastroserio and Steve Ditko.

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Robin Hood And His Merry Men - 10 Issues