Jungle Comics was first published by Fiction House in January, 1940. It enjoyed a long run finishing at issue #163 in Summer, 1954.

The main character associated with the title is Kaanga. He appeared in every issue of Jungle Comics. The original artist who worked on Kaanga is believed to have been Alex Blum but as he is so heavily and obviously based on Tarzan, no one can be credited for his creation.

When Kaanga was a child his parents died in the jungle and he was raised by apes. The reader never gets to know his real name or his ancestry, but the jungle is where Kaanga feels most at home. In the first issue Kaanga meets his mate Ann, who is a Jane clone, after he rescues her from a white slave trader named Bill Blackton. Ann then joins Kaanga in his jungle existence.

After nearly ten years Kaanga was given his own title in Spring, 1949. This ran for 20 issues until the Summer of 1954.

One of the reasons for the series demise was the formation of The Comics Code Authority, a self-regulatory body that was formed because of moral concerns about the contents of many of the comics of the time. As much of Fiction House's material involved images of scantily clad women they withdrew from the market.

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Jungle Comics - 30 Issues