Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy was a radio series that first aired in Chicago on July 31, 1933. The series ran for 18 years until 1951.

Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy was created by writer Robert Hardy Andrews and sponsored throughout all of its run by Wheaties.

The central character was Jack Armstrong, an athlete at Hudson High School. Other characters included: his friend Billy Fairfield and his sister Betty and also an industrialist named James Fairfield, who was referred to as 'Uncle Jim'.

The stories were typically set in exotic locations throughout the world. Normally Uncle Jim would be visiting them on business and Jack Armstrong and his friends would tag along; soon they would be involved in another adventure.

In 1947 a Jack Armstrong movie serial was released starring John Hart in the title role. Also in 1947 the Parents Institute published a Jack Armstrong comic book. The run would continue until issue #13.

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Jack Armstrong Issue #8

Comic Book Cover For Jack Armstrong Issue #8 The Parents Institute