Fight Comics was first published, by Fiction House, in January 1940. It was an anthology that included war stories, humor, superheroes and adventure. Fight Comics was Fiction House's second title, Jumbo their first was released in 1938.

Two super heroes who featured early in the run were Power Man (Rip Regan) and Sabre (Spy Fighter). They were followed by Super-American and Captain Fight.

Amongst other characters were Tiger Girl who appeared in issue #32 in June of 1944 and Senorita Rio who is arguably the most interesting character to appear in the pages of Fight Comics. She appeared from issue #19 through to issue #71, missing just one issue #69.

Many great names worked on Senorita Rio including Jack Kamen, Nick Cardy and Bob Lubbers, but Lily Renee is probably most associated with the character.

Senorita Rio's real identity name is film star Rita Farrar, who is a spy working for the United States Secret Service. Because of her Latin background, she poses as a Brazilian entertainer as she hunts for fascists.

Fight Comics became one of the mainstays of the company's stable, with a highly successful run that lasted 86 issues and 14 years until January 1954. Fiction House folded soon after.

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Fight Comics - 26 Issues