Don Fortune Magazine was the only comic published by the Don Fortune Publishing Co and ran for six issues between August 1946 and February 1947.

Don Fortune Magazine featured the work of Charles Clarence Beck better known as C. C. Beck. In 1939 Beck was given the task to draw a character, for Whiz Comics, created by writer Bill Parker. The characters original name was Captain Thunder, but before the first story was published the name of was changed to Captain Marvel and Beck's work on the early stories set the style for the series

The characters Don Fortune and his buddy Andy Jarvis are introduced in issue #1:

'As Marine Corps airmen Don Fortune and his lifelong pal, Andy Jarvis, fought the Japs valiantly and well. With honorable discharges in their pockets they set out to find in peace the serene leisure they dreamed of in battle! But dangerous adventure is their predestined lot in life!'

They seem to be a magnet for adventure and plenty of fisticuffs as they set themselves up as private investigators.

The backup feature in Don Fortune Magazine was Delecta of the Planets. After the death of her father, King Deltar, Queen Delecta is the rightful ruler of the seven Kalpan planets, but she is being opposed by her evil half-sister Princess Ardora governess of the rebel planet Myro and Prince Umrio. Aiding Queen Delecta is Lawrence Breck an earthman who has been left stranded after his atomic powered ship crashed.

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Don Fortune Magazine - 2 Issues