Cave Girl was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Bob Powell for Magazine Enterprises. She debuted in 1952 at the height of 'Jungle comics' popularity in Thun'da issue #2. She was an attempt by Magazine Enterprises to build on the success of their male equivalent who was Thun'da.

Artist Bob Powell is well known for his 'Good Girl Art' and Cave Girl is a prime example of that genre and his work.

Cave Girl's real name is Carol and whilst still a toddler her parents are murder in the jungle by savages. During this attack Carol is taken by an eagle, which flies her into what is know by the local natives as 'The Dawn Lands'. This area has been cut off for millions of years and prehistoric animals still roam there.

The eagle takes her to Kattu, who is a wolf who rears her. She soon becomes known as 'Cave Girl' by the local inhabitants, who are Neanderthals. It is by observing them that Cave Girl learns to hunt using weapons such as spears and bows and arrows.

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Cave Girl - 3 Issues