Zip Comics was first published by MLJ Magazines Inc., known as MLJ Comics and the precursor to Archie Comics, in June 1940. Zip Comics was an anthology of adventure, horror, humor and superheroes.

It was in the pages of Zip Comics that the superhero Steel Sterling first made his appearance. Also debuting was the popular strip Wilbur, which would go on to have its own title with Archie Comics.

Steel Sterling 'The Man of Steel' was the feature story in every edition. He was drawn by Irv Novick and initially written by Abner Sundell and Charles Biro, Joe Blair wrote the later issues.

Other characters who made appearance were: Zambini the Magician, Scarlet Avenger, Nevada Jones, Kalthar the Giant Man, War Eagles of the Devil, Captain Valor and Mr Satan.

As the run went on the editorial emphasis swung heavily towards humor and the superheroes were slowly dropped. At the end of the series the only other non-humor content, apart from Steel Sterling, was the superhero orphan Rueben Rueben, 'Red Rube' who summoned the power of his ancestors by calling out 'Hey Rube'. The last issue was #47 published in the summer of 1944.

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Zip Comics - 47 Issues