Wonder World Comics began its run with issue #3, published by Fox Feature Syndicate, in August 1939. The series was a continuation from the ill-fated Wonder Comics.

Wonder Comics issue #1, published in May 1939 introduced Wonder Man created unwillingly by Will Eisner. Wonder Man was modeled directly on Superman, which led to the company being successfully sued by DC Comics for copyright infringement. This was the first copyright lawsuit involving a comic book and would set the tone for DC Comics' vigilance in protecting its intellectual property. With Wonder Man dropped issue #2 featured Yarko the Great, also created by Will Eisner.

Yarko the Great remained when the next issue was renamed Wonder World Comics and stayed for the rest of the run. Yarko was a stage magician, who could also use real magic. He used these powers to fight both criminals and also the supernatural. Amongst his powers Yarko the Great could: create force fields, shape shift, become invisible and levitate.

Wonder World Comics is best known for the debut of the Flame, created by writer Will Eisner and artist Lou Fine. The Flame's real name is Gary Preston, who as an orphan is found by a group of lamas who raise him in their mystical ways. He has the knowledge to be able to control both fire and temperature and travel inside of a flame.

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