Wonder Comics was first published,by Better Publications, in May 1944. The series ran until issue #20 published in October 1948. The character most associated with Wonder Comics is the Grim Reaper, created by the writer and editor Richard E. Hughes.

The Grim Reaper made his first appearance in the Fighting Yank issue #7, in February 1944. He was then promoted to be the cover feature of the first issue of Wonder Comics.

The Grim Reaper's real name was Bill Norris, who waged a one-man war against Nazi occupation in Europe. Bill Norris was studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, when France was occupied by the Nazis. Bill intervenes when we sees a citizen being harassed and is arrested. He is then sent to a concentration camp. There he helps an old man who it emerges is a resistance leader, and needs help in saving a French General. Bill dons an all black Grim Reaper costume and helps in the rescue. His life as the Grim Reaper has started.

Wonderman, all one word made, his debut in The Complete Book of Comics and Funnies issue #1, published in 1944. He is not to be confused with Fox Feature's Wonder Man who appeared in issue #1 of their comic also named Wonder Comics in 1939, which brought a lawsuit for copyright infringement with the Superman character. Also, he is not the same character as Nedor Publishing's Wonder Man who first appeared in Startling Comics issue #1. Wonderman was introduced to Wonder Comics in issue #9 and his run ended with his last appearance in issue #20.

Wonderman's alter-ego is Brad Spencer, who is is accidentally exposed to a high voltage of a secret current. After this he has developed super strength and is as hard as steel. He uses these powers in the quise of Wonderman to fight crime, he is aided by his girlfriend, Carol Paige.

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