Top Notch Comics was first published by MLJ Magazines Inc, which eventually became Archie Comics, in December 1939.

The series was edited by Harry Shorten. From issue 28 Top Notch Comics was retitled Top-Notch Laugh Comics. The anthology contained a mixture of genres including science fiction, crime and adventure.

No single character lasted the whole series, but the Wizard, subtitled 'The Man With the Super-Brain', ran from issue 1 until issue 27. 'Firefly' made 19 appearances, 'Kardak the Mystic Magician', made 25 appearances. Black Hood achieved the status of the longest running character making 37 appearances from issue 9 until the last issue.

Other characters appearing included Wings Johnson of Air Patrol, Keith Cornell, Bob Phantom Scourge of the Underworld and Fran Fraser Girl Photographer.

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Top Notch Comics - 42 Issues