Thrilling Comics was first published, by Standard Comics, in February 1940. The series would enjoy a long run ending with issue #80 in April 1951. The star of Thrilling Comics was Doc Strange who made his debut in issue #1. The creators of Doc Strange were writer Richard E. Hughes and artist Alexander Kostuk, who used the pseudonym Alex Koster.

Doc Strange gained his super powers by taking Alosun, which he made by distilling the Sun's atoms. Doc Strange lasted many years appearing in both Thrilling Comics and America's Best Comics, but his reign came to end soon after the introduction of Princess Pantha.

Princess Pantha, drawn by Art Saaf, made her first appearance in Thrilling Comics issue #56, published in October 1946. She was one of the many jungle girls that appeared after the success of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Pantha is a circus performer, who visits Africa to find a legendary gorilla for her act. Pantha becomes lost in the jungle and survives because of her ability to sound like a gorilla. Eventually she is rescued by an adventurer, named Dane Hunter, but decides to stay to continue her hunt for the white gorilla.

Princess Pantha appeared continuously from issue #56 until issue #74 in October 1949 when she was replaced by Buck Ranger, a cowboy feature. Whilst Art Saaf illustrated the majority of the Princess Pantha's stories, it was Alex Schomburg who drew all her cover appearances.

Also appearing in Thrilling Comics were the Commando Cubs. Based in Liverpool England, the series tells of the adventures of a group of children, Ace Browning, Pokey Jones, Horace Cosgrove II, Whizzer Malarkey, and Spud O'Shea. Too young to enlist they form the Commando Cubs to fight the Nazi threat.

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