Target Comics, issue #1 was published by the Novelty Press, in February 1940. The anthology comic book was Novelty Press's first title and was shortly followed by their second Blue Bolt.

The pages of Target Comics featured such characters as The White Streak, Lucky Byrd and Bull's-Eye Bill. Content was supplied by Funnies, Inc. Contributors included Bill Everett, Tarpe Mills, and Joe Simon. Spacehawk drawn by Basil Wolverton was a regular feature starting with issue #5.

It is argued that the first readers letter column in a comic book appeared in issue #6 of Target Comics.

In issue #10 The Target makes his first appearance and the next issue introduced the Targeteers. They were created by Dick Briefer, who used the pseudonym 'Dick Hamilton'. Dick Briefer is probably best known for his popular version of Frankenstein. Their last appearance was in issue #95 and after another ten issues the title folded.

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Target Comics - 15 Issues