Super-Mystery Comics was first published, by Ace Magazines in July 1940. The series would run for 48 issues until July 1949. The undoubted stars of Super-Mystery Comics were Magno the Magnetic Man and his sidekick Davey, appearing in 28 issues.

Magno made his debut with issue #1, his real identity is never revealed, nor how he came to acquire his super powers. Magno was created by writer Paul Chadwick, but the original artist is unknown.

Not only was Magno invulnerable and able to fly, he could also act like a magnet. In issue #4 the reader was introduced to Magno's partner, Davey Landis. In issue #5 Magno's arch-enemy The Clown makes his first appearance. Paul Chadwick soon left the series and it was taken up by Jim Mooney and Harvey Kurtzman.

Also appearing was another superhero, named Vulcan. He was a descendant of the Roman God of Fire and could control fire and heat. Vulcan could fly and could not be shot, as bullets melted before they struck him.

Other characters who made an appearance in Super-Mystery Comics were Corporal Flint of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Mark Murdock 'Fighting District Attorney'.

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Super Mystery Comics - 18 Issues