Startling Comics was first published in June 1940 by Better Publications, more commonly known as Nedor Comics. The series would run until issue #53, published in May 1948. The first issue introduced the superhero Captain Future, 'Man of Tomorrow'.

Captain Future's real identity was scientist Andrew Bryant. He discovered that if he bathed himself in gamma and infrared rays he would develop superpowers. He could fly, shoot bolts of energy from his hands and had super strength. Captain Future used these powers to fight crime. He was aided by his girlfriend Grace Adams, who worked as a detective for the Agatha Detective Agency.

In issue #10, published in September 1941, The Fighting Yank made his debut. He was created by writer Richard E. Hughes and artist Jon L. Blummer, with later issues the artwork being produced by Elmer Wexler and Jack Binder's studio.

Lance Lewis, Space Detective first appeared in Mystery Comics issue #3 published in 1944. He was introduced to Startling Comics in issue #44. Lance Lewis is a futuristic detective who along with his girlfriend Marna solves sci-fi mysteries including rocket ships, rayguns and Martians.

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