Speed Comics was first published, by Brookwood Publications, in October 1939. The title would eventually be bought by Harvey Publishing and run until issue #44 published in February 1947. Speed Comics was an anthology comic book with a bias towards superheroes.

Issue #1 introduced Shock Gibson, created and drawn by artist Maurice Scott along with an unknown writer. He was one of the earliest superheroes. Shock Gibson's real identity is Robert Charles Gibson who has found a way for humans to generate and control electricity. This discovery gives him super strength, the ability to fly and to create bolts of lightning.

Speed Taylor makes his entrance in issue #12. Speed is Clayton College's star athlete and the stories revolve around his adventures with his best friend Tubbu.

Issue #13 saw the debut of Captain Freedom. He was created by an unknown writer who used the pseudonym 'Franklin Flagg'. The original artwork was created by Arthur Cazeneuve and he would appear in all the remaining issues of Speed Comics. Captain Freedom's real identity was a newspaper publisher named Don Wright, who wears his superhero costume to fight agents acting for the Axis. Assisting Captain Freedom in his fight are four children who work for him as delivery boys, they are called the Young Defenders.

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Speed Comics - 8 Issues