Smash Comics was first published, by Quality Comics, in August 1939. Issue #1 has the distinction of being the first comic to feature a robot on the cover.

Hugh Hazzard and his Robot, Bozo the Iron Man were drawn by Quality Comics editor George Brenner. The story begins with Hugh Hazzard helping the police to investigate crimes committed by a strange robot. Hugh Hazzard manages to kill the evil scientist behind the robot's invention and also to deactivate the robot. Just before it is taken out to sea to be dumped Hugh has the idea of using the robot as a crimefighter. The robot he names Bozo.

Also making his first appearance in issue #1 was the Invisible Hood, created by Art Pinajian using the pseudonym, 'Art Gordon'. The Invisible Hood, went through a few name changes, initially he was called Hooded Justice, then Invisible Justice and finally the Invisible Hood. The Invisible Hood's real name is Kent Thurston, who has acquired a hooded robe which has been treated with a special chemical, that makes the wearer invisible.

Magno, created by Paul Gustavson, debuted in issue #13 published in August 1940. Magno's real name is Tom Dalton who works as a lineman for an electric company. One day he is killed by 10,000 D.C. volts of electricity, but a quick thinking colleague brings him back from the dead by using 10,000 A.C. volts. Dalton is now powered by electricity and can recharge himself by touching live electricity wires.

From issue #42 in April 1943 to issue #85 in October 1949, Smash Comics featured reprints of Lady Luck stories. The popularity of the character meant that Smash Comics was renamed Lady Luck with issue #86 in December 1949. The title only ran for five issues until it folded in August 1950. This run included new stories by Klaus Nordling and the covers were drawn by Gill Scott.

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