Silver Streak made his first appearance in Silver Streak Comics issue #3, published by Lev Gleason Publications, in March 1940. He continued his regular appearances until issue #19 in March, 1942. The title then ran without him until issue #23, when it was renamed Crime Does Not Pay.

The story begins in 1940, when an unnamed taxicab driver is hypnotized by a mysterious swami into working for him as a racing car driver. As has happened with previous of the swami's drivers, he is killed by giant insects, let loose by the evil scientist Dr. Katan.

Luckily for the driver, this time the swami injects a 'secret fluid' into his body and brings him back to life. Not only has the fluid brought the driver back from the dead, it has also given him two superpowers: speed and the ability to fly.

Using these new powers and naming himself after the car he was driving, at the time of his death, 'Silver Streak' a new superhero is born. The Silver Streak is soon battling criminals, Nazi spies, and The Claw.

Silver Streak discovers that he can pass on his powers to anyone by giving them a transfusion of his blood. This he does to both his sidekick Mickey O'Toole (who calls himself Mercury and then Meteor) and his pet hawk named Whiz.

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