Pep Comics was first published by MLJ Magazines Inc, which eventually became Archie Comics, in January 1940.

It was within the pages of Pep Comics that the superhero The Shield first saw the light of day. The Shield was the first of the patriotic superheroes, his costume being based on the United States flag. Also appearing was The Comet who has the dubious distinction of being the first superhero to die. Archie Andrews made his debut in Pep Comics and eventually became the main focus for the company's publications.

The Pep Comics anthology was initially edited by Abner Sundell, who was then followed by Harry Shorten. The issues contained a multitude of characters, apart from the ones mentioned above, such as Sergeant Boyle, Fu Chang International Detective, Bentley of Scotland Yard, Perry Chase The Press Guardian, The Hangman, Madame Satan and Danny in Wonderland to mention just a few.

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Pep Comics - 59 Issues