Mystery Men Comics was first published, by Fox Feature Syndicate, in August 1939. The first issue is famous for the debut of the Blue Beetle, created by Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski, using the pseudonym Charles Nicholas.

The Blue Beetle's alter-ego is a rookie police officer named Dan Garret. Garret wears a bulletproof costume and after taking '2-X vitamin', he has superhuman strength to help him in his fight against crime.

At the height of his popularity the Blue Beetle not only had his own title, but also a comic strip and a radio serial.

Also making his first appearance was 'Rex Dexter of Mars' created the legendary Dick Briefer. The story starts in 1939 at the World's Fair, where Montague Dexter along with his wife is demonstrating his Mars Rocket. Unfortunately, after lift off it completely disappears. In the year 2000, their son returns in the same craft. It emerges that his parents had crash-landed on Mars where Rex was brought up. It had taken many years to repair the ship, and now his parents were too old to make the return trip.

Apart from other debuts, like the Green Mask, Mystery Men also saw the first comic book work by George Tuska with his feature 'Zanzibar'.

Mystery Men Comics ran for 31 issues with the last one being published in February 1942.

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