With the end of the war approaching, Quality Comics renamed their popular title Military Comics to Modern Comics, starting with issue #44 in November 1945. Although initially the content was very much the same, including the very popular Blackhawk feature, the series would slowly move away from its military based stories and into adventure and humor.

One of the mainstays of Modern comics was Torchy Todd. Torchy was originally a 'good girl' comic strip created by cartoonist Bill Ward in 1944. Ward had been drafted into the Army and was stationed at Fort Hamilton. Here he created Torchy for the base's newspaper. Soon it was being syndicated to other Army newspapers throughout the world.

Torchy made her first comic book appearance in another of Quality Comics stable, Doll Man issue #8, in Spring 1946. She also has her own title which ran for six issues between November 1949 and September 1950. Torchy had a long run in Modern Comics from issue #53 published in September 1946 to issue #102 issued in October 1950.

Torchy Todd was a dizzy blonde and the stories revolved around her slightly risque adventures, normally being pursued by amorous suitors.

Modern Comics ran until issue #102, published in October 1952. The run including its previous incarnation as Military comics lasted over eleven years.

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