Master Comics was first published by Fawcett Comics in March 1940. It would run on a monthly basis for just over 13 years, ending with issue #133 in April 1953.

Appearing for only the first six issues was Master Man, billed as 'the world's greatest hero'. Drawn by Harry Fiske he was a very similar character to Superman and Captain Marvel. This caused DC Comics to threaten legal action over infringement of their Superman copyright. With the recent legal victory against a similar character called Wonder Man, Fawcett quietly dropped Master Man.

Although he could not fly, Master Man possessed super strength and could run faster than an automobile. These powers were derived from a vitamin capsule known as the Vitacap.

Master Man should not be confused with Marvel Comics much later Nazi villain with the same name.

Apart from Master Man many other superheroes appeared in the pages of Master Comics including: Hoodoo Hannigan, Bulletman, Minute-Man and Captain Marvel Junior.

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Master Comics - 17 Issues