Jackpot Comics was first published by MLJ Comics, later to become Archie Comics, in the Spring of 1941. It was then published quarterly until the last issue #9 in the Spring of 1943.

The anthology featured original stories of characters that appeared in some of the company's other titles, such as: Pep Comics, Blue Ribbon Comics and Top-Notch Comics.

These stories included: Mr Justice by Joe Blair and Sam Cooper, Steel Sterling written by Joe Blair and art by Irv Novick, Black Hood and Sergeant Boyle by Charles Biro. Starting with issue #4 Archie drawn and written by Bob Montana was given a regular slot.

After issue #9 the title was changed to 'Jolly Jingles' which began at issue #10, but the content changed to funny animal stories.

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Jackpot Comics - 9 Issues