Golden Lad debuted in his own title in July, 1945, published by the small firm of Spark Publications. The creation of the Golden Lad character has been credited to Mort Meskin, who may well have written the script.

Golden Lad's real name is Tommy Preston. After school he works in his grandfather's antique shop, where one day he finds the 'Heart of Gold'. This ancient artifact has magical powers due to 'the blood of a thousand martyred Aztecs'.

The Heart of Gold will give 'strength and courage' only to the righteous. If Tommy holds the relic and says the words 'Heart of Gold' he will suddenly be granted superhuman powers including the ability to fly.

In issue #5 Golden Girl makes her first and only appearance. Her real name is Peggy Shane, a class mate of Tommy, who picks up a fragment of the 'Heart of Gold' after Tommy drops it on the sidewalk. Recognizing the talisman she utters the words 'Heart of Gold' and is granted the same powers as Tommy. Unfortunately Issue #5, published in June 1946, was not just the last of the Golden Boy series, but also the last produced by Spark Publications.

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Golden Lad - 1 Issue