The Fantom of the Fair made his first appearance in Amazing Mystery Funnies volume 2 issue #7, published by Centaur Publications, in July 1939. It is not quite certain who created the character, but Paul Gustavson drew him early on so it could well be him.

The 'Fair' in the Fantom's title was the World's Fair, that was a massive event that took place in New York between 1939 and 1940. The Fantom guarded the fair and protected visitors from the unwelcome attentions of criminals and racketeers who sought to prey on them. The base for his operation was directly underneath the World's Fair, in an underground laboratory, that was next to an underground river. Although he did not possess any real superhero powers, the Fantom was very strong and could also hypnotize people.

With the imminent closure of the World's Fair and in an attempt to prolong his selling power Fantom of the Fair was renamed Fantoman in Amazing Mystery issue #24 in September 1940, but this did not halt his demise. The self titled Fantoman, which confusingly started at issue #2 swiftly ended with issue #4 in December, 1940.

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