Exciting Comics was first published, by Nedor Comics, in April 1940. The run would last for 68 issues until September 1949. During that time many characters made their debuts in its pages.

The Black Terror first appeared in issue #9 in January 1941 and became one of Nedor Comics most popular characters. He was created by Richard E. Hughes and Don Gabrielson. With George Tuska producing some of the earlier artwork.

The alter-ego of the Black Terror is Bob Benton, who whilst working as a pharmacist creates a chemical he calls 'formic ethers'. This grants him superpowers, which he uses in his fight against crime. He is joined in this by his sidekick Tim Roland and together they are known as the 'Terror Twins'.

The Liberator debuted in issue #15. His secret identity is Professor Nelson Drew, a chemistry teacher who discovers an ancient Egyptian formula called Lamesis, that gives him superhuman strength and speed. He uses these as The Liberator to fight Nazi saboteurs during World War II.

Kara The Jungle Princess made her first appearance in issue #39. Kara's real name is Jane Howell a U.S. army nurse whose plane, being piloted by Major Christopher 'Kit' Walker, crashes in the jungle and so begins the start of her adventures.

Miss Masque made her entrance in issue #53. Diana Adams is a Canadian socialite who is visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras. As she has neglected to bring a costume Diana goes shopping and finds one in a curio shop on Bourbon Street. Despite warnings from the shopkeeper that the costume she has chosen is possessed by the spirit of justice, she goes ahead with her purchase. Later the party Diana is attending is attacked by robbers and the spirit in her costume spurs her into action, starting her crime fighting career.

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