Clue Comics was first published, by Hillman Periodicals, in January 1943. The title was initially a superhero anthology, features included: Boy King, Nightmare and Micro Face. The series continued until it was put on hold, due to the war, with issue #9 in Winter 1944. In October 1946 Clue Comics was continued with issue #10 which introduced Gun Master.

Dumas Poe was descended from Kattak Po, a Tibetan monk who had invented firearms. Feeling guilt for his invention and the deaths it had caused, Lattak made it his mission to stop the spread of guns. Future generations of his family carried on with his mission. They were known as Gun Masters, as they possessed supreme knowledge and skills with guns.

Assisting Dumas were the robed Circle of Elders, who were the spirits of previous Gun Masters.

This was a move away from superheroes and into the crime genre, which continued until the title was renamed Real Clue Crime Comics with vol 2 issue #4 in June 1947.

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are the two comic book creators most associated with Clue Comics and its change of genre.

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