Champion Comics was first published by Worth Publishing in December 1939. The series started with issue #2, but it is believed that issue #1 was produced for promotional purposes. With issue #11 the title of the comics was shortened to Champ Comics and was then sold to Harvey Publications. The title then ran until issue #25 published in April 1943.

A character who had a long run in Champion Comics was Neptina, 'Queen of the Deep'. She was in all the issues until her final appearance in issue #17. Neptina ruled over a race of fish-men, who had declared war on the surface world.

Fighting against Neptina was the Navy's top undersea expert Lieutenant Brad Fletcher. Despite the two being enemies Neptina was attracted to Fletcher and had bouts of jealousy. Neptina was holding a female prisoner named Norma, whose lungs and vocal chords she was intending to use so that she could live and speak out of water.

Appearing in issue #6 was Duke O`Dowd, who initially was an adventurer but later in the series gained superpowers. After Duke's plane crashed in the Himalayas, he discovered a lost civilization. After fulfilling an ancient prophecy he was shown how to control the energy in atoms. With this knowledge he became the Human Meteor and fought the Nazis.

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