Boy Comics was first published in April 1942. The sequencing began at issue #3 as the title was renamed from the two issue Captain Battle. Making his debut in that issue was Chuck Chandler 'Crimebuster' created by Charles Biro and Bob Wood.

Chuck Chandler is a student at Custer Military Academy, he is also a star of the academy's hockey team. His father a famous journalist is shot by Iron Jaw, a Nazi agent. He is called Iron Jaw because he has lost his jaw in a bomb attack and wears a metal replacement.

Initially it looks like Chuck's father will survive the attack, but Iron Jaw breaks into the hospital and finishes off the job. After his father's murder Chuck swears a vow to bring criminals to justice, and in particular Iron Jaw. As the basis of a crime fighting costume Chuck uses his hockey uniform, along with a cape.

Aiding Chuck in his mission is Squeeks, a monkey that Chuck rescued from a cruel organ grinder. Squeeks proved a popular character was even given his own title.

Boy Comics had a long run, with a couple of slight modifications in title, it ended with issue #119 in March 1956.

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