Blue Ribbon Comics was first published by MLJ Magazines Inc, which eventually became Archie Comics, in November 1939. It was an anthology edited by Harry Shorten. Creating a certain amount of confusion issues #9-18 and also issue #22 were titled Blue Ribbon Mystery Comics.

The only feature to appear in every issue was 'Rang-A-Tang the Wonder Dog', which was written by Joe Blair and mainly drawn by Ed Smalle. Blue Ribbon Comics also introduced the superhero 'Bob Phantom, the Scourge of the Underground' which was the early work of artist Irv Novick. 'Corporal Collins, Infantryman', by Charles Biro, about a stranded U.S. soldier, appeared in issue #2 and remained for the rest of the run.

Towards the end of its life Blue Ribbon Comics headed in a new direction, advertising on the cover of issue #21 'new sensational true life features' , the content would now be a mix of superhero and adventure stories along with real-life stories. The last two issues included the lives of Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Beethoven. But the change was short lived and the title ended with issue #22 in March 1942.

Between 1983 and 1985 Archie Comics, using the imprint Red Circle Comics, relaunched the title publishing 14 issues.

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Blue Ribbon Comics - 22 Issues