The comic book character Blue Bolt was created by Joe Simon and made his first appearance in Blue Bolt Comics issue #1, published in June 1940, by Novelty Press.

At the time Joe Simon was employed by Funnies Inc., an early comic book 'packager' that produced comics on demand for publishers. With issue #2 Joe Simon was joined by Jack Kirby as a co-writer and artist. The two would soon work together in creating Captain America.

Fred Parrish, a college football star is struck by a lightning bolt, whilst training. He then takes a plane to seek help and this too is hit by lightning. The plane crashes and Fred Parrish discovers that he is underground. There he is found by a scientist named Bertoff. Using radium treatment the scientist heals Parrish, but the treatment also give him super powers.

Parrish now assumes the name Blue Bolt and along with a lightning gun that is given to him by Bertoff, he does battle with the evil Green Sorceress. Soon he learns that war has begun and ventures back to the surface to fight the Nazis.

In 1949, Novelty Press sold its comic property to L. B. Cole who continued to publish Blue Bolt Comics under his company Star Publications, starting with issue #103. In 1951 the title was changed for issue #111 to Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror and soon the Blue Bolt character was dropped. Then finally, with issue #120, the title was changed to Ghostly Weird Stories.

Over the years apart from Joe Simon and Jack Kirby others involved in the title included: Tom Gill, Dan Barry and Mickey Spillane.

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