America's Greatest Comics was first published by Fawcett Comics in 1941. The bumper anthology contained all the company's main stars and ran to 100 pages per issue. The series ran until Summer 1943 ending with issue #8.

Apart from popular characters such as Captain Marvel and Bulletman, there were others who are less well known today.

Mr Scarlet was created by France Herron and Jack Kirby and made his debut in Wow Comics issue #1 in December 1940. His real identity is district attorney Brian Butler, who fights crime with the help of his partner and adopted son Pinky the Whiz Kid. The success that Mr Scarlet has in reducing crime puts his alter-ego's job in jeopardy.

Another relatively obscure character, appearing in America's Greatest Comics was Commando Yank, the writer is unknown but the artist was Clem Weisbecker. Commando Yank's real identity was Chase Yale who was a war correspondent. Wanting to do more for the war effort than just reporting, he donned his mask and went into action.

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