Amazing-Man was created by Bill Everett and also arguably art director Lloyd Jacquet. He made first his appearance in issue #5 of Amazing-Man Comics, which was published in September 1939, by Centaur Publications.

Amazing Man's alter-ego is John Aman, an orphan who because of his superb 'physical structure' was selected and raised by Tibetan monks called 'The Council of Seven'. He lived with them for 25 years. During which time each of the members of 'The Council of Seven' gave him superhuman training. They also taught him how, using chemicals, he can disappear in a cloud of green mist. This gives him his alternative title of 'The Green Mist'.

After John Aman eventually graduates, the monks send him on his lifetime mission; to use the abilities they have given him to do good. There is however an opponent, called the 'Great Question' who is a disaffected member of the 'Council of Seven'.

The last issue of Amazing-Man Comics #26 was published in February 1942. Over time Amazing-Man has made a few reappearances, in the 1990's Malibu Comics made use of the character and also Marvel Comics introduced him into their Marvel Universe.

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