4Most Comics was first published by Novelty Press, in 1941. It was the third regular title the company produced and ran for 36 issues. The anthology was designed as a competitor to DC Comics' World's Finest Comics.

The regular feature for which 4most is now best known for is, Dick Cole 'The Wonder Boy', created by Bob Davis.

When he was a baby Dick Cole was left on the doorstep of Professor Blair of the Farr Military Academy. The Professor applied his scientific genius to rearing the child and helped him to reach his full potential in all aspects, this included the use of radiation and dietary supplements.

Although not granted supernatural powers, Dick Cole with his intellect, moral compass and physique was more than a match for the criminals and evil-doers he battled with. Apart from Bob Davis, others who worked on Dick Cole included: Al Fagaly, Jack Hearne and James Wilcox.

Another regular feature was Target and The Targeteers, created by Dick Hamilton. This is in fact a pseudonym and Dick Hamilton was really Dick Briefer, now most famous for his Frankenstein. Other content included 'Edison Bell, Boy Inventor' drawn by Harry Ramsey, Dan'l Flannel, Lem the Grem 'The Trouble-Loving Gremlin' and work by L.B. Cole and Nina Albright.

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