Young Romance was first published, by Prize Comics, in September 1947.

The title created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby is considered the first romance comic. It was an instant success soon selling a million copies for each issue. Young Romance was soon switched from being bi-monthly to monthly. The incredible run would last from September 1947 until December 1975, with 208 issues and change of ownership to DC Comics.

Simon and Kirby had previously created the superhero Captain America and pioneered horror comics. The partnership had just created a teen-humor comic book called My Date, first published in March 1947, which contained some teenage romances, which gave the pair the idea of a full blown romance comic. Simon and Kirby struck an arrangement to have a half share in the profits of Young Romance, making the pair rich.

In February 1949 Joe Simon and Jack Kirby launched Young Love, a companion title to Young Romance which ran for 73 issues until January 1957. Between the two titles circulation reached two million copies per month.

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Young Love - 4 Issues