Cowgirl Romances was first published by Fiction House in 1950, the series would run for 12 issues ending in Winter 1952.

The title was an attempt by Fiction House to enter the romantic comic market. It is a slightly bizarre cross genre mix of western and romance.

Many of Fiction House's titles featured strong willed and beautiful heroines who quite capable of looking after themselves. Examples include the star of Fiction House's stable Sheena, Queen of the Jungle and also Firehair, a white woman member of an Indian tribe. Cowgirl Romances carried on with this tradition.

The stories were mostly one-offs, but for the first three issues there was a regular feature Calamity Jane, by Royal Roberts. The tag line was 'The Cowboys Called her TONY TYLER ... but FATE named her - CALAMITY JANE!!', which even for the liberties that comic books took with the truth is extreme. The character bears absolutely no relationship to the real Calamity Jane, whose real name was Martha Jane Cannary Burke.

Contributors to Cowgirl Romances included: Kim Bartley, Curt Langdon, Cliff Hanson and John Stark.

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Cow Girl Romances - 8 Issues