The Tom Corbett Space Cadet stories have crossed many different mediums including: books, comic books, comic strips, television and radio, and View-Master reels.

The main character in the stories is Tom Corbett, who along with other cadets such as Astro and Roger Manning, is training in the Space Academy in readiness to join the elite Solar Guard. The stories cover the cadet's adventures either on Earth at the Space Academy, or aboard their spaceship named Polaris, or on alien planets.

Joseph Lawrence Greene employed by the book publishers Grosset & Dunlap created the prototype Tom Corbett (originally called Tom Ranger). He was heavily influenced by a Robert A. Heinlein novel, 'Space Cadet'. Both a radio script and a newspaper strip which Greene submitted were rejected. Eventually Tom Corbett made his debut on television on October 2 1950.

Tom Corbett first appeared in comic book form in Dell Comics, 4-Color series. The 4-color series was used to pilot new ideas and to gauge public reaction. After 3 tryouts Tom Corbett had his own title. When the popularity for the television show declined Dell ceased production, but Prize Comics then took over the series.

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Tom Corbett Space Cadet - 10 Issues