Strange Worlds was a science-fiction anthology, that was first published by Avon Comics, in November 1950. The run continued until issue #10 in November 1952, when the series was then shelved.

Strange Worlds reappeared two years later in October 1954 with issue #18. The reason for the jump in sequence number is that the second run of Strange Worlds inherited the sequence of Avon's Eerie title which had been dropped.

This second run lasted only 5 issues ending with issue #22 in October 1955. 'Kenton of the Star Patrol' was the only regular feature in what was otherwise a science-fiction anthology.

During its life the series featured artwork by such names as Wally Wood, Joe Kubert, Everett Raymond Kinstler Charles Sultan and one of the first African-American comic book artists Alvin C. Hollingsworth, known was Alvin Holly.

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Strange Worlds - 12 Issues