Space Patrol started life as a science fiction television show targeted at children. It first aired on a local Los Angeles station on March 9, 1950. During Space Patrol's five year run, 210 half-hour shows and nearly 900 15-minute shows were broadcast. It was a big success and its own merchandising range was launched.

The show was also broadcast on radio, using the same cast. The radio version of Space Patrol ran from September 18 1950 to March 19 1955.

The series was set in the 30th-century and the two central characters were Commander Buzz Corry, played by Ed Kemmer and his young sidekick Cadet Happy, played by Lyn Osborn. The stories featured their adventures as they flew as part of the United Planets Space Patrol.

In 1952 Ziff-Davis published issue #1 of Space Patrol. Its cover featured paintings by Norman Saunders and Clarence Doore. Inside Bernard Krigstein illustrated scripts written by Phil Evans. The series was very short lived with just two editions.

In the early 1990's a Space Patrol series was launched but it lasted only three issues and had little in common with the original television series.

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Space Patrol - 2 Issues