Space Busters was a two issue series published by Ziff-Davis in 1952. Norman Saunders painted the cover for issue #1 and Allen Anderson painted issue #2.

Space Busters appears to be a clone of another Ziff-Davis publication, Space Patrol which was based on a children's television show. This also ran for just two editions in 1952.

In the opening story Commander Senstreal sends the Space Busters, led by himself on a dangerous mission to establish a beachhead on Mars. The solar system is under the control of aliens from Belzar and this is Earth's first step in driving the invaders out.

The hero of Space Busters, Captain Brett Crockett tells his friend Sergeant Bolo that he feels that all is not quite as it seems. Soon, Brett Crockett will be proved right.

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Space Busters - 2 Issues