Science Comics, was published by Fox Feature Syndicate, between February 1940 and issue #8 in September 1940.

A regular character in Science Comics was Dynamo. He made his debut in Science Comics #1, but was named Electro. This was changed to Dynamo in issue #2, published in March 1940. Dynamo's real name is Jim Andrews who whilst working as a research scientist was caught between two giant electrodes. This accident allows him to control electricity. Andrews can create force fields, shoot electricity from his hands and also fly. He can recharge himself by holding onto an electrical source and uses these powers to fight crime.

Another character who appears in Science Comics is Marga the Panther Woman, who was raised by a group of black panthers and has their cat-like abilities including their claws. Marga leaves the jungle to join in adventures with her boyfriend Ted Grant, a pilot.

Other characters include: The Eagle, real name Bill Powers, who has discovered an anti-gravitational fluid which when he spreads it on wings he has made allows him to fly like a bird, Cosmic Carson, 'ace pilot of the interplanetary patrol' and evil scientist Dr. Doom.

Please note issue #1 of Science Comics in this section is from a different series and by Humor publications.

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Science Comics Issue #6

Comic Book Cover For Science Comics Issue #6 Fox Feature Syndicate