Rocketman was a one-shot comic book published by Farrell Publishing in 1952.

The introduction to Rocketman explains a:

'young American pilot, in the year 25,000, flys the stratosphere lanes between the Earth and other planets.'

Although, throughout the stories he is called Rocketman or Lieutenant Rocketman, there is an advertisement at the back of the comic for a 'Televiewer' and here he is named as Rock Raymond.

The cover features a man in a rocket suit, which appears nowhere inside the comic, as Rocketman uses a spaceship during his encounters with aliens in the solar system. This would appear to be an attempt to associate the comic with the popular King of the Rocket Men, a cliffhanger released in 1949 and also with the character Commando Cody, Sky Marshal of the Universe another rocketman who appeared in Radar Men from the Moon released the same year as the comic in 1952.

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Rocketman - 1 Issue