Planet Comics, spinoff of a pulp magazine called Planet Stories, was first published by Fiction House in July 1940.

The early covers were drawn by the legendary Will Eisner and then were mainly the responsibility of two men, Dan Zolnerowich (who later called himself Dan Zolne) and Joe Doolin.

Fiction House also employed several female artists as examples Lily Renee, Marcia Snyder, Ruth Atkinson and Fran Hopper.

During the time of its run Planet Comics was one of the major creators of 'Good Girl Art'. The term does not mean the girls are 'good', in fact they are often bad. The standard subject of 'Good Girl Art' is an attractive young woman, in a sexy pose, who is usually wearing very little and normally has long legs. Due to highlighting this art form the comics are in demand from collectors today.

Regular characters appearing in the pages of Planet Comics were: Flint Baker and the Space Rangers, Spurt Hammond, Gale Allen and Mysta of the Moon, drawn by Fran Hopper. Planet Comics ceased production in 1953 with the last issue being #73.

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Planet Comics - 24 Issues