Outer Space issue #17 was first published, by Charlton Publications, in May 1958. The series was a renaming and genre change from the horror comic This Magazine Is Haunted, which Charlton had previously acquired from Fawcett Comics. However, to add to the confusion, This Magazine Is Haunted continued its run. Outer Space ran for 9 issues until issue #25 published in December 1959. Charlton revived the title briefly for a one-shot issue in November 1968.

The cover for the first issue drawn by Rocco Mastroserio boldly states:

'ATTENTION! This Is The Most Vital Subject Of Our Times! Every American ... Man ... Woman ... Child Owes It To His Country And Himself, To Read This Issue!'

To continue the theme in the inside introduction the comic's editor Pat Masulli writes:

'Here, in these pages, we open to you a great new phase in the development of mankind so that you can keep pace with the birth of the most exciting and awesome era since the beginning of time on Earth!'

Despite these bold claims Outer Space was a pretty standard science fiction comic, but does feature the work of Ernie Hart, Vince Alascia and the great Steve Ditko.

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Outer Space - 9 Issues