Lars of Mars was created by artist Murphy Anderson and most probably writer Jerry Siegel. He debuted in 'Lars Of Mars' issue #10, published by Ziff-Davis, in May 1951. The title began at #10 and only one more issue was published which was #11 in July 1951.

After realizing that a hydrogen bomb has been detonated on Earth, the Grand Council of Mars sends Lars their most 'daring adventurer' on a mission to the United Nations in an attempt to preserve interplanetary peace.

On his journey his ship develops technical problems and he has to escape using a rocket pack. Whilst flying he sees a woman being attacked by robots. Lars comes to her rescue and easily defeats the robots. He soon learns that they were not robots at all, but stuntmen testing robot suits. Furthermore, the woman who he thought he was saving is in fact a television producer named Jane Conway.

Jane Conway is starting work on a television series about a Martian and thinks that Lars is just an actor. Impressed by what she has seen, Jane convinces Lars to act the role of the Martian. As Lars has no spaceship, or proof to convince people that he really is from Mars, he decides to take the job.

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Lars Of Mars - 2 Issues